Carrie Ann Lucas for Windsor Town Board – Ward 5

Hi, I’m Carrie Ann Lucas. I grew up in Windsor and am a proud Windsor High School graduate. I moved back to Windsor with my family nine years ago. I am proud of my little town that grew up. There is so much life here and a great sense of community. I want to build on that.

There are many important decisions our leaders face, and I want to make sure that our town government serves all Windsor residents. Whether it is supporting growth and development, or solving traffic issues, I’ll be an advocate for all our citizens.

Windsor is a special place; join me in ensuring Windsor continues to be a first-class place to live, work, and play — and meets the needs of all residents, young and older! I look forward to serving you as your next town board member in Ward 5.

handwritten text that says Carrie Ann


Photo of Carrie Ann with a sign that states Boardwalk Park in the background